Located in the bountiful Central Valley of California–where over three-quarters of the world’s almonds and two-thirds of the world’s walnuts are harvested—Caloy has been perfecting the art of nut oil production since 1988. Our newly-updated facility boasts multiple mechanical lines for expelling oil from nuts, and a fully equipped edible oil refinery capable of fulfilling almond, walnut and pistachio oil orders in drum quantities or full ISO containers for overseas shipments.

We process by refining chemically or physically, bleaching with various clays and filtering with activated carbon. We offer complete winterization and deodorization of oils at very low pressures to minimize trans isomer formation. Most importantly, all oils are expelled mechanically and NEVER through the use of solvents.

Through innovation and flexibility, we have blossomed from humble beginnings to become an industry leader in both product quality and production techniques. To learn more about our equipment and process click here. To learn more about our nut oil products click here.