Our History

In August, 1988 a young entrepreneur, Joseph S. Collins, founded Caloy in the bountiful Central Valley of California. Here, over three-quarters of the world’s almonds and two-thirds of the world’s walnuts are harvested.

In 1998, after ten years of continuous operation, the need for additional space to store raw product was clear and the company moved to a larger facility in Riverbank. At the same time, Caloy was contacted by the Gustav Heess Group—a European market leader for the production and supply of specialty vegetable oils for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries—who was in search of unadulterated, quality crude almond oil.

In 2005, the companies entered into a business partnership that utilized Caloy’s strategic sourcing and processing location in the Central Valley to provide Gustav Heess with a reliable source for high quality oil products. In the same year Caloy purchased a five acre site in Denair and quickly added more expellers.

As growth continued, Caloy realized that, in order to completely control their finished oil quality, a refinery would need to be built in the Denair location. Not only would a refinery allow for complete integration of all products, it would also allow for Caloy to enter the market in the Americas. In early 2013, this goal was finally realized, as they christened the opening of their new state-of-the-art facility.

Today, as a result of Caloy’s rich history of innovation and flexibility, they have blossomed from humble beginnings to become an industry leader in both product quality and production techniques. To learn more about out the equipment and process click here.