Pistachio Oil Refined

Product – Specification

Pistachio nut oil is the refined fatty oil obtained from the shelled nuts of Pistacia vera L.

CAS No.:

INCI Name:
Pistacia Vera Seed Oil

A light yellowish to light greenish, viscous oil. Very slightly soluble in ethanol (96%); miscible with ether and with petroleum spirit.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Parameter Method Unit Value
acid value AOCS Ca 5a-40 mg KOH/g max. 1.0
Peroxide value AOCS Cd 8b-90 meq 02/kg max. 10.0
refractive index (20⁰C) AOCS Cc 7-25 ca. 1.472

Fatty Acid Composition (GC of FAMEs)

Parameter Method Unit Value
16:0 palmitic acid AOCS Ce 1h-05 % 8.0 – 15.0
16:1 palmitoleic acid AOCS Ce 1h-05 % max. 3.0
18:0 stearic acid AOCS Ce 1h-05 % max. 3.0
18:1 oleic acid AOCS Ce 1h-05 % 45.0 – 58.0
18:2 linoleic acid AOCS Ce 1h-05 % 27.0 – 37.0
18:3 linolenic acid AOCS Ce 1h-05 % max. 2.0


Keep in well closed, well filled containers or under inert gas, protect from light, cool and dry.

Residual Solvents:

It complies with the guideline GPMP/ICH/283/95 and CPMP/ICH/1940/00 corr. (residual solvents).