Hazelnut Oil Refined

Hazelnuts are high in unsaturated oleic acid and vitamin E. Refined hazelnut oil is used in a variety of applications including in food preparation and cooking, as well as in personal care and beauty products. Hazelnut oil has a stronger scent and darker color than the more neutral almond oil. It is easily, though slowly, absorbed into the skin.

Caloy’s hazelnut oil is mechanically expressed and lightly refined to ensure clarity and purity. We source from family-owned farms and work closely with the growers to ensure a steady supply of the best nuts.

Available Quantities

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48,000 lbs.

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2,000 lbs.

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420 lbs.

Food-Grade Hazelnut Oil

Baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and muffins are excellent candidates for this nutty-flavored oil. It is also used in sauces and salad dressings. Due to hazelnut oil’s stronger flavor profile, it is typically reserved for dishes with more mild flavors.

Hazelnut Oil for Industrial Use

Hazelnut oil is highly unsaturated, making it a great carrier oil for cosmetic and personal care formulations. It’s color ranges from a light golden yellow to a yellow-brown color and it has a slightly nutty scent. This oil is great for oily skin as it is slower to absorb into the skin than other carrier oils. Hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E and oleic acid.

Product – Specification

Hazelnut oil is obtained from the kernels of the hazelnut bush (Corylus
avellana L.) Hazelnuts contain about 58 % oil. The oil has a very high content
of oleic acid

CAS No.:

INCI Name:
Corylus Avellana Seed Oil

Yellow to light brown oil with a slight nutty odour and taste.
It is insoluble in water; soluble in lipophilic solvents

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Parameter Method Unit Value
Acid Value NIR mg KOH/g max. 0.5
Peroxide Value NIR meq 02/kg max. 3.0
refractive index (20⁰C) NIR 1.467 – 1.473
Fatty Acid Composition (GC of FAMEs)
Parameter Method Unit Value
16:0 palmitic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 4.0 - 9.0
18:0 stearic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 1.0 - 4.0
18:1 oleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 66.0 - 83.0
18:2 linoleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 6.0 - 25.0