Pistachio Oil Refined

Pistachio nut oil has a stronger flavor compared with other nut oils. Rich in oleic and linoleic acids as well as vitamin E, our bulk pistachio oil is used throughout the world in both food and skin care applications.

California is one of the top pistachio growing regions in the world, and the American Pistachio Growers are focused on maintaining a healthy supply and ecosystem. Recent efforts include increasing yields while reducing water consumption, enlisting the help of natural predators to manage pests, and hyper-vigilant farming practices to ensure that only necessary interventions are taken at just the right time.

At Caloy, we take great care throughout the extraction and refining process to ensure our refined nut oils are the highest quality. Our state-of-the-art expeller press gently extracts the oils from only the best California-grown pistachios.

Available Quantities

Asset 1


48,000 lbs.

Asset 2


2,000 lbs.

Asset 3


420 lbs.

Food-Grade Pistachio Oil

This yellow to green-yellow oil is a favorite for adding a delicious nutty essence to foods like steamed vegetables and in sauces and vinaigrettes. Other uses include adding to cookies and other pastries to add a delightful nutty essence, drizzled over pasta, or to add a finishing touch to creamy soups.

Pistachio Oil for Industrial Use

This hearty oil is practically insoluble in water and has a high antioxidant capacity, adding stability to beauty and personal care formulations. As with other nut oils rich in vitamin E, pistachio oil fights free radicals, helps reduce inflammation, and helps soothe dry skin.

Product – Specification

Pistachio nut oil is the refined fatty oil obtained from the shelled nuts of Pistacia vera L.

CAS No.:

INCI Name:
Pistacia Vera Seed Oil

A light yellowish to light greenish, viscous oil. Very slightly soluble in ethanol (96%); miscible with ether and with petroleum spirit.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Parameter Method Unit Value
acid value NIR mg KOH/g max. 1.0
peroxide value NIR meq 02/kg max. 10.0
refractive index (20⁰C) NIR ca. 1.472
Fatty Acid Composition (GC of FAMEs)
Parameter Method Unit Value
16:0 palmitic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 8.0 - 15.0
16:1 palmitoleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % max. 3.0
18:0 stearic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % max. 3.0
18:1 oleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 45.0 - 78.0
18:2 linoleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 27.0 - 37.0
18:3 linolenic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % max. 2.0


Keep in well closed, well filled containers or under inert gas, protect from light, cool and dry.

Residual Solvents:

It complies with the guideline GPMP/ICH/283/95 and CPMP/ICH/1940/00 corr. (residual solvents).