Walnut Oil Refined

California is home to about three quarters of the world’s walnut producers. Walnuts are highly nutritious, full of omega-3s, calcium, and are the oldest tree nuts known to man. This versatile and delicious nut has been celebrated since the time of the ancient Greeks.

Refined walnut oil is a popular ingredient in woodworking and artistic applications. It can also be used in food production and personal care applications. This oil is insoluble in water and dries quickly when applied in thin coats, making it a popular oil paint base thinner and brush cleaner for painters.

Caloy’s bulk walnut oil is mechanically expressed and refined to preserve quality. We never use solvents to extract our nut oils.

Available Quantities

Asset 1


48,000 lbs.

Asset 2


2,000 lbs.

Asset 3


420 lbs.

Food-Grade Walnut Oil

While less popular than other nut oils, walnut oil’s light flavor, scent, and color can add a subtle nutty quality to cold dishes and salad dressings. Walnut oil is famously rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Heating the oil can impact the flavor, producing a slight bitter taste, so it is not often used in cooking or frying.

Walnut Oil for Industrial Use

Walnut oil is most popular in artistic and industrial uses, particularly for woodworking and painting. This oil has a long history of use in oil painting and wood finishing. People have recently begun turning to walnut oil as a natural, eco-friendly alternative to avoid the synthetic compounds commonly used in painting today. Because it is food safe, it makes an excellent finish for and serving bowls and utensils. Walnut oil may also be used in skin and hair applications such as wrinkle creams and dandruff shampoos.

Product – Specification

Walnut Oil is the refined fixed oil of the fruits of the walnut tree (Juglans regia L). The walnuts contain about 60% oil.

CAS No.:
84012-43-1/ 8024-09-7

INCI Name:
Juglans Regia Seed Oil

A pale yellow to golden yellow oil. It has a neutral odour and taste. It is insoluble in water.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Parameter Method Unit Value
Acid value NIR mg KOH/g max. 0.6
Peroxide value NIR meq 02/kg max. 5.0
refractive index (20⁰C) NIR 1.474 – 1.478
Fatty Acid Composition (GC of FAMEs)
Parameter Method Unit Value
16:0 palmitic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 6.0 - 8.0
16:1 palmitoleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % max. 0.5
18:0 stearic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 1.0 - 3.0
18:1 oleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 14.0 - 21.0
18:2 linoleic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 54.0 - 65.0
18:3 linolenic acid AOCS Ce 1a-13 % 9.0 - 15.0


Keep in well closed, well filled containers or under inert gas, protect from light, cool and dry.

Residual Solvents:

It complies with the guideline GPMP/ICH/283/95 and CPMP/ICH/1940/00 corr. (residual solvents).